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Kanzlei Feldmann – Ihre Gründungsberater in Hamburg


Kanzlei Feldmann – Your start-up consultants in Hamburg

As start-up advisors, we support you in the optimal choice of legal form for your company, as well as in the preparation of business plans and work out the optimal financing of your project together with you. In this context, we will prepare you for bank meetings, to which we will also gladly accompany you.

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Professional start-up consulting

Business start-up consulting

At the beginning of an entrepreneurial activity, a multitude of trend-setting decisions have to be made. Among other things, these concern the choice of legal form, the selection of forms of financing, or the investigation of forms of participation for employees. Issues such as pricing must also be given due consideration. What should the product or service cost? I have also been active in this area in the past and, together with a client, have developed a billing model that is in line with the market. Since I built up the firm myself and did not buy a client base, I also know the personal challenges that a start-up brings with it.

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Kanzlei Feldmann – Consultants of a new generation

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