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Kanzlei Feldmann – Inhabergeführte Kanzlei für Wirtschafts- und Steuerberatung in Hamburg


Kanzlei Feldmann – Your advantages

As an owner-managed law firm for business and tax consulting in Hamburg, we stand for personal and individual support. Your personal contact person is Dipl- Kfm. Burkhardt Feldmann, auditor and tax consultant. Long ways of coordination between different employees are completely eliminated.


Our claim is to advise you comprehensively and solution-oriented and not only to work off your project. As consultants of a new generation, we show you modern, up-to-date ways. Our lean structure and the digitalization of our work processes help us to do this.

Your advantages: personal, structured, digital, flexible and value-generating.


Personal, individual support is always our focus. To ensure this, we have completely rebuilt all structures in the firm and geared them towards the future challenges of clients in terms of tax and business consulting. No existing client base and no existing (and mostly unchangeable) law firm structure was taken over for its support. Thus, the necessary course could be set at the beginning. Time-intensive internal administrative activities, which obscure the view of the interests of the client, are thus avoided.


We work future-oriented and digitally in all areas. The firm uses the latest digital tools to automate work processes as far as possible and also - where it makes sense - to make them accessible to machine control. This makes it possible to provide the auditor / tax consultant with sufficient free resources so that he can maintain an overview of basic accounting and payroll processes through to planning calculations, tax returns, annual financial statements and valuation-related issues.


Our lean and automatable structures allow us to react very quickly to changing conditions. We do not need time-consuming organizational adjustment processes. In addition, we are broadly positioned in terms of expertise and are also able to classify the effects of completed life issues on the different areas of the company. Risks from an acquired client base and organizational structure that are difficult to calculate and that could lead to an unplanned commitment of resources do not exist due to the independent structure of the law firm. External financing costs resulting from the financing of a purchase price of an existing law firm or a share in it do not guide us in the fee structure.

Generating value

The digitalization of the processes frees up degrees of freedom to jointly deal with value-generating issues without becoming insubstantial - at each stage of the solution process, the auditor / tax advisor is involved and takes into account the respective information without pre-interpreting it.

Kanzlei Feldmann – Consultants of a new generation

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