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Kanzlei Feldmann – Ihre Wirtschaftsprüfer in Hamburg


Kanzlei Feldmann – Your auditors in Hamburg

Our service portfolio includes activities that are closely related to the job description of an auditor.
These are in particular:

  • Audits of annual and consolidated financial statements

  • Review of annual financial statements

  • Preparation of annual and consolidated financial statements

  • Company valuations

  • Financing advice (including advice on improving ratings by credit institutions)

  • Due diligence

  • Audits of annual financial statements during the conversion of a UG (limited liability company) into a GmbH (limited liability company)

  • Audit services within the scope of the packaging law


Learn more about your advantages when working with Kanzlei Feldmann.

Professional auditing

Adherence to compliance regulations – an increasingly important competitive factor

Adherence to compliance regulations – including valid external reporting – is increasingly attracting the attention of a broad public. The financial scandals of the recent past have shown how important an intact financial system is for the stability of a society. The concentration of auditing and consulting services in just a few large companies leads to a monopolization that destabilizes society. Smaller entities can also offer services of the highest quality. Digital tools are making this possible to an ever greater extent. Comprehensive support concepts can be developed across disciplines and specifically tailored to each client.

Personal support by auditor Burkhardt Feldmann

The clients are mainly medium-sized corporations, which in some cases are also integrated into a group of companies. The support is provided throughout Germany. In order to meet our high quality standards and to guarantee our clients the best possible support during the audit, our auditor Burkhardt Feldmann takes over all consulting and auditing activities personally on site. This ensures short communication and decision-making paths, and you receive everything from a single source.

Kanzlei Feldmann | Burkhardt Feldmann | Wirtschaftsprüfung

Persönliche Betreuung durch Wirtschaftsprüfer Burkhardt Feldmann

Die Mandanten sind im Wesentlichen mittelständische Kapitalgesellschaften, die in einigen Fällen auch in einen Konzernverbund eingegliedert sind. Die Betreuung erfolgt deutschlandweit. Um unseren hohen Qualitätsansprüchen gerecht zu werden, und um unseren Mandaten bestmögliche Betreuung bei der Prüfung zu garantieren, übernimmt alle Beratungs- und Prüfungstätigkeiten unser Wirtschaftsprüfer Burkhardt Feldmann persönlich bei Ihnen vor Ort. Dadurch werden kurze Wege in Kommunikation und bei Entscheidungen gewährleistet und Sie erhalten alles aus einer Hand.

Kanzlei Feldmann – Consultants of a new generation

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